Print Advertising, Still Strong

print advertising

There is no doubt that technology can increase brand awareness, generate leads, and increase profits. Many have questioned if print advertising can withstand it. Does print still belong and is it ideal for marketing? When you look at the advantages and disadvantages of print alongside online advertising, you can see that print can provide a … Read more

Importance of Brochures in Marketing


While online marketing is growing, brochures are still a vital part of traditional marketing. Using a well-designed brochure can not only capture the attention of potential clients, but also provide information on your services. Brochures are a cost-effective option to other traditional print. Why are brochures important? Using a brochure provides credibility. People expect a … Read more

Fridge Magnets are Always a Good Idea

fridge magnets

No matter the size, large companies and small ones, every dollar spent on marketing must count. Fridge magnets are a powerful way to advertise your products and services. While some argue there is no guarantee, they do have a successful record for several reasons. Fridge magnets are very versatile. Coming in different shapes and designs they … Read more

Flyers, Traditional Branding That Still Works


We live in a world that is saturated with online media. There are interactive ads and company websites tied in with social media. However, traditional media still has an appeal and plays an important part in marketing. A well-done flyer can make an effective tool. It can be memorable, and is very portable.  Flyers can … Read more

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