Creating The Perfect Business Card

business card

Very few professionals create the perfect business card for their needs. It’s not difficult to put your name, job title, and contact information on a card. However, most have a mediocre card that just gets the job done. It’s important to not settle. You want a business card that will ensure you’re remembered. Tips for Creating … Read more

Flyers, Tips and Tricks for Distribution


You’ve completed your design and you’ve refined your message, now what? How do you make your flyers a valuable promotional material and win business? Flyers are a cost-effective method to marketing your business. However, they only work if they actually reach your target audience. Distributing Flyers The method you choose to distribute will all depend on … Read more

Business Cards, Most Effective Use

business cards

Your business card is an extremely valuable networking tool. Dollar for dollar, the business card is one of the most powerful business tools that you invest in. They’re low cost, compact, low tech, and they keep working long after you have. With as powerful of a marketing tool they are, you should be handing out … Read more

Direct Marketing, Planning for Success

direct marketing

A successful direct marketing campaign can not only provide a return on investment, but can also skyrocket profits. Direct marketing is one of the best ways to reach consumers without outside influence. Direct marketing includes print ads, direct mail, and even signs. Many companies take advantage of this concept. It can be best to opt … Read more

Door Hangers, an Effective Marketing Tool

door hangers

Door hangers are an effective form of direct marketing. If your company directly deals with consumers, door hangers may be the way to go. They are an often-forgotten marketing tool. With today’s competition, they provided a new way to get your name and message out to potential customers. Benefits of Marketing with Door Hangers Perfect … Read more

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