Design the Perfect Business Card Part 1


First impressions last. You have mere seconds to ensure your first impression is lasting and positive. A well-designed business card is a great way to make a strong impression. Your business card is also your lifeline. You never know when you’re going to meet someone who can be beneficial to your business or a potential … Read more

Brand Image, Tips for Building

brand image

A well-managed brand can become a source of sustainable profit. You cannot have a corporate brand identity in the business industry if you do not have a name to represent you. Owning a brand is the outcome of running a business. Not all businesses are aware of this. Often, they waste their potential in other … Read more

Direct Mail, Effective Tips

direct mail

Direct mail can provide response rates as high as 6% or as low as 1%. With this gap, it’s easy to see why many companies have lost faith in this form of marketing. Direct mail performance depends on three elements, format, offer and list. Before checking these three elements you need to first determine the … Read more

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