Postcards, Designing for Mailing Use


Postcards were once a popular medium for personal correspondence. They have now gained traction as a marketing tool. Postcards can be sent to a specific target audience on a mailing list. This is one of their biggest advantages. They’re not only an affordable way to get in touch with a specific group of people, but … Read more

Booklets, Best Design Tips


Booklets have a variety of uses. Depending on the use, your booklet will need to be designed differently. For example, manuals need to be different from promotional booklets and event programs. Choosing the right design to match your brand is more involved than a flyer or poster. Choosing Booklet Design Options Stock Weight and Thickness … Read more

Post Card Printing Tips You Need

post cards

Post cards can be a very effective marketing tool when used correctly. There is a revival for personal mail, even among millennials. Given this surge in demand, many are looking to post cards for their marketing. Post Card Printing Tips Opt for thicker card stock. Thicker cardstocks last longer and feel better. Heavier objects tend … Read more

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