Business Cards, Most Effective Use

Your business card is an extremely valuable networking tool. Dollar for dollar, the business card is one of the most powerful business tools that you invest in. They’re low cost, compact, low tech, and they keep working long after you have. With as powerful of a marketing tool they are, you should be handing out 1,000 business cards a month. A business card is going to tell people your name and your business information. It also provides potential customers with your contact information, as well as provides a taste of your style.

Your Business Cards Should Always be Accessible

Do not leave home without your business cards. Always keep spare, you never know when you’ll need more than what you business cardshave in your pocket. Briefcases, purses, jacket pockets, and even a small box in the car is necessary. It’s important to keep an eye on your supply, you always want to reorder before you run out.

There are many situations where you can pass on your business card to a potential client. Some situations are obvious some are not. Some of the more obvious situations may be during a one-on-one meeting with someone new, or even during networking and social events. You may not have been to one before, but conventions and trade shows are great venue for exchanging cards. However, while vendors are eager for you to take their information be sure to pass yours along as well.

When you communicate with someone new in writing, be sure to send a business card. Any sales material mailed out should include business cards. The same goes for any business related thank you cards. While email is a great way to follow up on calls. However, a letter will allow you to include a business card. Anytime you go out to eat, leave your card with the tip.

One of the main things you need to keep in mind is how your business cards are an effective tool. You want to take advantage of its full potential. Never be caught without a card.

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