Brand Image, Tips for Building

brand image

A well-managed brand can become a source of sustainable profit. You cannot have a corporate brand identity in the business industry if you do not have a name to represent you. Owning a brand is the outcome of running a business. Not all businesses are aware of this. Often, they waste their potential in other … Read more

Brand Audit Part 3, How to

Like we stated last week, as a business you’re able to perform your own brand audit. There are certain metrics you can use to measure the growth and strategies of your brand. However, there are relevant parameters. How to Perform a Brand Audit One of the first steps is to create a framework. You have … Read more

Brand Audit, Why Your Business Needs One

brand audit

Running a successful business requires more than just a good product or service. Every company has characteristics that are unique. Over time your business grows naturally, having ups and downs to fit the environment. However, it is impossible to get every element working together. At some point your business may start wandering from supporting factors … Read more

Color and How It Affects Marketing


Small details often go unnoticed. However, they play a vital role in the perception of the world. Thanks to this, you can boost the promotion of your brand using color. Color is a large part of a brands image. Choosing the right colors will help call the right emotions. Choosing the right colors for a … Read more

Typeface, Choosing The Best for You


When it comes to branding, there are several things you need to consider. Building a brand takes time. You may think you have it all worked out but there may be things you have overlooked. Your choice in font plays an important role. Many companies fail to recognize the importance of choosing the right typeface. … Read more

Emotional Branding, How to Use it

emotional branding

Emotional branding, you’ve heard of it, but what is it? Emotional branding is a phrase used in marketing. It is the act of marketing to the hearts and minds of clients. instead of using traditional marketing tactics. When presenting your products, you catch their interest while making them feel something. With emotional branding, you’re making … Read more

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