Professional Marketing Material, Tips and Tricks

Professional Marketing Material

As your business grows you need to ensure that your printed material is well thought out. When presenting products and services, catalogs, newsletters, product sheets, brochures, letterheads, and etc. should be consistent and match your brand. With improved publishing software, many companies decided to complete this internally. Resist the urge. Professional marketing material is important … Read more

Booklets, Best Design Tips


Booklets have a variety of uses. Depending on the use, your booklet will need to be designed differently. For example, manuals need to be different from promotional booklets and event programs. Choosing the right design to match your brand is more involved than a flyer or poster. Choosing Booklet Design Options Stock Weight and Thickness … Read more

Post Card Printing Tips You Need

post cards

Post cards can be a very effective marketing tool when used correctly. There is a revival for personal mail, even among millennials. Given this surge in demand, many are looking to post cards for their marketing. Post Card Printing Tips Opt for thicker card stock. Thicker cardstocks last longer and feel better. Heavier objects tend … Read more

Direct Mail, Effective Tips

direct mail

Direct mail can provide response rates as high as 6% or as low as 1%. With this gap, it’s easy to see why many companies have lost faith in this form of marketing. Direct mail performance depends on three elements, format, offer and list. Before checking these three elements you need to first determine the … Read more

Direct Mail Best Practices

direct mail

Direct mail campaigns are a key tool in the overall marketing of many businesses. When planned and executed well they can be very effective in gaining visibility with tangible results. Best Practices for Effective Direct Mail Campaigns You want to start with the basics. Identify your market. Where do you want to send your marketing … Read more

Creative Business Card Distribution


Handing out business cards is easy when you have networking events, trade shows, and conferences. However, when siting at a desk getting work done, it is not as easy to share your information with potential clients. Don’t let that keep you from getting your name out there. Your business card and the people around you … Read more

Banners, How to Boost Sales


Banners are a powerful sales tool. There are few marketing tools that have an ultimate return on investment like banners. If your business is not taking advantage of banners you are missing out on sales. Strategies for Boosting Sales with Banners Premium Quality is important. You want your banners to stand up to the elements … Read more

Brand Audit Part 3, How to

Like we stated last week, as a business you’re able to perform your own brand audit. There are certain metrics you can use to measure the growth and strategies of your brand. However, there are relevant parameters. How to Perform a Brand Audit One of the first steps is to create a framework. You have … Read more

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