Creating The Perfect Business Card

Very few professionals create the perfect business card for their needs. It’s not difficult to put your name, job title, and contact information on a card. However, most have a mediocre card that just gets the job done. It’s important to not settle. You want a business card that will ensure you’re remembered.

Tips for Creating the Perfect Business Card

It’s important to understand the purpose for your business card. While some professionals may be selective as to who has what information and their job title, some simply choose to include only an email address. Those seeking a job should keep in mind that you should never hand out business cards associated with your current or former employer. The best strategy is to have new cards made that highlight a few special skills. However, do not include a full resume. You want enough information to create a positive first impression.

business cardKeep it simple. Your business cards need to be readable. Stay away from business card formats that are cluttered. Use a font that is readable, a 12pt font is ideal, but never get smaller than 6pt. Ensure your contact information is up to date. Inaccurate information is useless. Your business cards should include the most current information. Include several options for people to reach you. Some prefer contact through email, others prefer the phone. If your contact information has changed, do not scratch out your information and write in new. This shows a lack of preparation.

Always stay professional. One important factor about being professional is your email address. You may have a funny or unusual address, but you must consider first impressions. Having something like doesn’t send the most professional message. Your cards should be clean and smudge free. You don’t want them to look like they’ve been living in your pocket. Always keep a good-sized stack with you. Depending on the type of networking you may want to keep up to 500 business cards with you.

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