Design the Perfect Business Card Part 2

Last week we provided you part one of designing your perfect business card. We discussed determining your concept, and specifications. Size, orientations, and shape are all very important elements when it comes to the design of your card. This week we will bring you part two.

Business Card Design Basics

  • Use colors that support your brand. There are two types of color. Full color vs 1 or 2 color printing. Large orders with small budgets may benefits designby printing 1 or 2 colors. This is likely to only help on orders of 500 or more. Anymore business cards are digitally printed, multiple colors are not the expense they used to be.
  • Choosing the right font is critical to giving the card the right feel. You want at least 8pt font so that it is readable. Serif fonts give more of a classic feel and sans serif is more of a modern vibe. You can use decorative or script fonts, but using this sparingly. You don’t want to compromise readability for a cool typography.

Most people take a business card and put it in a folio or rolodex. For this reason, it’s important to keep vital information on the front of the card. Use the back to give it flair. What information do you need to include on the front? The name you want contacts to use, your business, job title, contact information, and your logo.

For many businesses one of the challenges of designing a business card is coming up with something original. There are plenty of ways to break away from the norm and create something striking. However, don’t let your original idea go overboard. Choosing one or two unique elements will let you stand out without being gaudy. However, it’s important to keep in mind that extras will make your card more expensive.

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