Door Hangers, an Effective Marketing Tool

Door hangers are an effective form of direct marketing. If your company directly deals with consumers, door hangers may be the way to go. They are an often-forgotten marketing tool. With today’s competition, they provided a new way to get your name and message out to potential customers.

Benefits of Marketing with Door Hangers

  • Perfect for targeted marketing. They are ideal for reaching specific neighborhoods and door hangerscommunities. There is no more targeted approach than physically placing a marketed message on someone’s door. They also provide easy tracking. You will be able to know which geographic areas respond best to your offers.
  • Low cost and simple. Because of their simplicity, they are one of the most affordable promotional tools. Not only are they inexpensive to print, they are very straightforward. Door hangers do not require envelops, postage or any folding and bending. Once you have them printed and in hand you can start going door to door.
  • Customizable and offer timely delivery. Like most marketing material you can use any layout and color scheme you want. However, as always you want to maintain your brand and keep them in line with other marketing material. They are one of the few marketing tools that provides absolute control over when your message is delivered. You can pick and choose when and where you want your message seen.
  • Long lasting, and often seen. Unlike other tools which are fleeting, door hangers get focused attention. Other tools such as billboards are fleeting. Once you’ve driven by you’re likely to forget what it was. These however, are physical and requires a homeowner to remove it from their door, handle it, hold it, and act upon it. There is no possible way for a homeowner to overlook these. You are very likely to be the only hanger on someone’s door handle, therefor increasing focus.

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