Hang Tags and Their Unique Uses

Hang tags can do much more than tell the price of off-the-rack clothes. Toys sporting equipment, electronics, vehicles and anything else you can put on a store shelf or showroom can use hang tags. No matter the product, hang tags can be used to develop your brand and build a rapport with customers. Unlike most printed marketing material, hang tags tend to be right on the product they’re promoting. This gives them a special place for your promotional marketing. Hang tags also have the advantages of business cards since they’re often viewed from a close distance.

Unique Uses for Hang Tags

  • Product Spec Sheets and Manuals – Spec sheets can get confusing and hard to understand when they aren’t right next to the product they’re hang tagsdescribing. Hang tags can be placed directly on most products, making it easy for customers to understand them better. They are also the perfect place to highlight an
  • Alternative thank you cards. This is a delightful way to express gratitude to preferred customers and suppliers. Two advantages they have over conventional thank you cards is that they cost less and are directly in the recipient’s field of view.
  • Custom bottle labels. These works great as a complementary label or as the only packaging for products. If for some reason you don’t wish to include any labels directly on your bottles, hang tags are an excellent alternative packaging option with a flair.
  • As holiday décor. A decorative hang tag can be used to dress up any item for a holiday. These are a great idea for seasonal holiday sales tags, they add a bit of the season’s spirit and a handcrafted touch to otherwise drab price tags.
  • As coupons. Coupons are an effective way to encourage repeat business. Having coupons as hang tags ensures that customers see them and have an extra incentive to buy. Your whole tag can be the coupon, or you can design them as a tear-off.

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